Helpful Information

How Do I Plan A Meaningful Service?

No two individuals are the same, and no two funeral services should be either.  A meaningful service truly helps family and friends begin the healing process.  We, at Moore and Parker Funeral Homes, can provide guidance, high-quality service and experience to help you plan a meaningful and personalized service.  Below are some ideas that can assist you in remembering the life being celebrated:

    • Incorporate personal effects (I.E. love for hunting, photography, other hobbies)
    • Special Music
    • Involve family and friends
    • Special touches (i.e. special covering to drape over casket, candles, tribute DVD)
    • Mementos or Remembrances (i.e. small keepsakes as family and friends leave service, asking friends and family to share memories and place in designated box)
    • Memorials (i.e. dedicating memorials to local charities and organizations; planting a tree in honor of loved ones)

We guarantee professional and personalized service. We take pride in providing attention to every detail and making sure every family receives the best service possible from a devoted and caring staff.

Do You Know What A Funeral Director Does For You?

There is real value in choosing a licensed funeral director you trust.  You’d never dream of selecting a surgeon based on fees, or “priceshop” for legal advice.  The same is true when selecting your funeral director.  We, as your funeral directors, attend to the many details which must be taken care of when a death occurs.  We arrange details with clergy, obituaries, flowers, visitation, casket selection, gravesite preparation, and much much more.  We at Moore and Parker want you to feel comfortable calling us at any time to discuss preplanning, to ask for guidance when a death occurs, or to inquire about help available afterwards, including grief counseling.  

Do You Offer Cremation Services?

Yes, we have over 30 years of experience in cremation services, and are willing to assist you in better understanding your cremation options.  Please call us at 606-735-2114 for more information.      

How Do I Select A Monument

Granite is the most commonly used material for monuments. Granite comes in a variety of colors including gray, black, blue, and mahogany. The finest granite can be identified by the absence of seams and will be uniform in texture and color.

The price of monuments varies depending on the size, color, amount of polish and the design. The flat gray granite marker is generally the least expensive, costing under four hundred dollars. Prices go from there to several thousand dollars depending on what you select.

We have a display of monuments in a variety of styles and colors for you to choose from at our Brooksville location. We can customize a monument especially for you or match anything you may have seen at the cemetery. Call us at 606-735-2114 for all of your monument needs.

What Are My Cremation Options?

We offer a full range of cremation services including, but not limited to:

    • Direct cremation with no visitation or funeral and cremains returned to the family
    •Full service funeral with cremation as an alternative to ground burial
    • Private viewing for the family prior to cremation withour a casket purchase
    • Rental caskets for visitation and funeral followed by cremation or ground burial

We have been offering cremation services for many years and at very competitive prices. Call us at 606-735-2114, and we'll go over all of our service options.

What Do I Do If A Death Occurs Away From Home?

  If a death occurs while away from home it is always best to contact us immediately.  We can handle the arrangements from our location and it actually can speed up the process and keep the costs down by not duplicating services from another funeral home in the locality of death.  We work with reputable funeral homes all over the United States and overseas and will be able to take care of complicated situations.

Once contacted with the basic information, we will handle all details for you and keep in touch with your family so you know how each step is progressing.  We can make arrangements for transportation home for the deceased and the family members as well.

No matter the hour of the day or night, remember that we are just a phone call away.

Do You Offer Memorial Keepsakes

  Yes, we offer a variety of memorial keepsakes!  We have a variety of Keepsake Urns, which are small urns in which you may place a small portion of your loved one’s cremains.  We also offer Fingerprint Keepsakes that allow your loved one’s fingerprint to be cast on a variety of jewelry and accessories.  Tribute videos are another keepsake that allow family photos to be placed on a DVD with your choice of music.  These are just a few of your options when considering Memorial Keepsakes.  Please feel free to call us at 606-735-2114 for more information

How Do I Arrange A Funeral

  At some time in our lives, most of us will make or assist in making funeral arrangements.  This can mean making many decisions at a very difficult and emotional time.  We at Moore and Parker, and Palmer Funeral Home, are here to offer help and guidance during one of life’s most difficult times, but there are things you can do to help yourself:

    • Be an informed consumer.  Don’t be reluctant to ask questions.
    • Be sure to discuss all available options before making a decision.
    • Plan a personalized ceremony to help you begin the healing process.  Getting through grief is never easy, but having a meaningful service will help.
    • Be prepared!  Avoid the burden of making decisions while under emotional stress by organizing details with your family and funeral director ahead of time.  Remember…preplanning doesn’t necessarily mean prepaying. 
  Please feel free to call one of our locations in Augusta, Brooksville, Germantown or Maysville and allow us to help you discuss the funeral service options that best meet you needs. 

Is Cremation Becoming More Popular

  We have seen an increase in the cremation rate over the last several years, especially amongst the baby boomer generation.  Among the many reasons for this growing trend is the variety of options cremation can provide as a final memorial service. 
Although the cremation rate has increased, it does not mean that aspects of the traditional funeral services have been discarded.  Even with cremation, a meaningful memorial that is personalized to reflect the life of the deceased could include:

    • A visitation and/or funeral prior to cremation
    • A ceremony at the funeral home, your place of worship, or other special location
  Whatever you choose, cremation or burial, traditional services or contemporary celebrations, we at Moore and Parker Funeral Homes and Palmer Funeral Home have many years of experience in providing all of these services.  Let us help you personalize your service so that your wishes are met with the respect you deserve.  

Is It Too Late to Have a Memorial Service for My Loved One if They Have Already Been Cremated?

  You may have a memorial service for you loved one before or after the cremation process, even if it has been months or years.  Along with cremation services, we can help you in planning a memorial service that is personalized, meaningful and meets your wants and needs.  Please call us at 606-735-2114 to discuss your options.

What Is the Most Important Factor When Choosing Your Funeral Home?

  Personalization? Professionalism? Experience? Cost? Location?  We at Moore and Parker Funeral Homes in Augusta, Brooksville and Maysville, as well as Palmer Funeral Home in Germantown, are interested in your thoughts and willing to work with you so that all of your wants/needs are addressed with the professionalism and compassion you deserve.  Please feel free to contact us at 606-735-2114 to discuss how we can serve you better, or with questions you may have about planning a funeral service.